Staying Fit and Healthy in a COVID feared world

I find myself obsessed with eating healthy, exercise, and keeping vitamins flowing through my body.

We all are experiencing surrealism in the vacillating in-and-out of fear and hope. Fear of the unknown or getting COVID, and hope that this non-discriminatory invader subsides naturally and exits our existence soon.

Until then, my advice is to:

  • Create a separate workspace at home if you are working there. Distractions at home will be inevitable, so minimize them.
  • Do cardio every single morning. This is a must. Keep those lungs strong so that when COVID comes, you are prepared and heal faster.
  • Have faith and trust in God. There is always something bigger and stronger than us that will take care of things…but you have to have faith in that concept.
  • Make calls to friends/family/clients/customers just to say hi. 
  • Get organized! Use this downtime to clean out old/stale files from your desktop and Dropbox.
  • Get creative. The creative will win, and the stagnates will suffer. Find a way, creatively. You can do it.
  • Turn off TV unless binge-watching a great one, and replace it with music. 
  • Get Sunshine…Vitamin D is important. Drink Water….fluids solve most issues.  

Stay healthy,